Senior citizens can travel for free on trains, selected bus and ferry services in Auckland, after 9am weekdays and all day weekends and public holidays with an AT HOP card loaded with a SuperGold concession.

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Driving Miss Daisy is ideal if you don’t drive or no longer drive at night or greater distances. It provdes transport and extra support to help you get out and about, including going to appointments, shopping, company on outings and help getting in and out of the car. Special needs are catered for including assistance with a walker or wheelchair.

We’re Friendly, Affordable and we’ll Brighten your day. FAB Drivers provide three friendly and affordable services in East Auckland – Companion Driving, caring in-home assistance and unique and fun FAB excursions. All of our services are highly personalised and tailored to your needs.

Personalised, Safe and Reliable East Auckland Companion Driving, In-Home Assistance and Excursion Services.

We accept the Total Mobility Card and are a ACC accredited supplier.

Freedom Drivers provide a caring, friendly and reliable alternative to taxis. If you need extra help, they’ll assist you from your door to the car, accompany you to appointments or pick you up afterwards. They also provide companion assistance with shopping, picking up scripts, going out for a cuppa or scenic drive, and help with walkers or wheelchairs.

The Total Mobility scheme helps those with serious mobility constraints access subsidised door-to-door transport services. If you’re eligible, you’ll receive a card providing a 50% discount (up to $40 in Auckland) on fares charged by contracted transport providers.

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